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Type: F&B Restaurant
Location: Santorini Airport (JRT), Greece
Date: 2021


Interior - Architectural Branding Design: Chadios Architects


The main objective of the project is to create a quiet dining area, protected from the summer heat, so that the passengers of  the airport can enjoy food and drinks in a local and cosy atmosphere.

Central principle of the proposal is to design a comfortable and pleasant environment that can function as a living area that adds to the experience of visitors

The caldera concept is inspired by the topography and landscape of Santorini’s volcanic cliff

The project consists of a counter area, a small preparation area, and a large outdoor sitting area. The counter is placed facing the entrance of the unit which makes  customers feel welcome. The high visibility of the counter area with its displays and the large wine rack placed on the back counter was a design priority. The materials that are used for the project are hand picked in order to create the local aesthetics of the volcanic cliff and to create a memorable experience to the customers.

Emphasis is given to the vertical surfaces of the existing pergola in order to create an  interesting façade with passive cooling properties.Vertically removable elements made of oak wood are placed on the outer perimeter of the construction that offer natural ventilation and sun protection during the summer period.

The wooden removable elements compose a reference to the Cycladic architecture through its simplicity and abstraction. At the same time, the design achieves a  harmonic communication with the volumes of the existing building of the airport by adopting common principles of clean geometries.

In order to restore the sense of natural landscape, plant species that are chosen can be found in the Mediterranean climate zone.