Our project reimagines architectural design through the synthesis of individual boxes to form a harmonious whole, set atop a picturesque hill. Perched gracefully on a hill, “Summer Residence” takes full advantage of its elevated location. This vantage point provides sweeping panoramic views of the surrounding natural beauty, making it an ideal setting for a tranquil and luxurious summer escape.



Hillside Integration: The synthesis of boxes is thoughtfully positioned on the hillside, following the natural contours of the land. This enhances the unique character of each box while preserving the integrity of the hill’s topography. 

Elevated Views: The individual boxes are strategically oriented to maximize the awe-inspiring views offered by the hilltop location. Expansive windows and terraces frame these vistas, ensuring residents can fully appreciate the surroundings. 

Landscape Harmony: To maintain the synergy with the hill, we utilize indigenous plants and landscaping techniques that blend seamlessly with the native flora. This ecological harmony enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the property.


The entrance gracefully welcomes visitors with a pathway that follows the natural slope of the hill. It introduces guests to the architectural concept and showcases the stunning views from the very start.

The synthesis continues throughout the open-plan living spaces. This approach not only accentuates their individual character but also maximizes the interaction with the outdoor spaces and the hillside environment.

Private boxes house the bedrooms, each strategically placed to offer unique perspectives of the landscape. Residents can wake up to the sight of the hillside or the distant horizon.

The outdoor amenities, including terraces, a pool area, and gardens, make the most of the hill’s elevation. They provide ideal spaces for relaxation, recreation, and outdoor living, all while capitalizing on the mesmerizing views.