This two-story modern house exudes simplicity and a touch of natural charm. Key features include a ground-floor pool, an upper level seemingly floating in the air, and outdoor walls gracefully cloaked in dark burnt wood vertical cladding, setting it apart as a modest modernist piece.


Modest Modernism: In reverence to mid-century modern aesthetics, our design pays homage to clean lines, understated materials, and an approach that exudes sophistication.

Subtle Levitation: The upper level appears to levitate above the ground, a visual illusion achieved through discreet stone boxes. This architectural idea adds an element of intrigue while preserving the residence’s understated charm.

Burnt Wood Cladding: The exterior walls are adorned with vertical panels of dark burnt wood, infusing the design with warmth, texture, and character.

Ground Floor Pool: Nestled harmoniously within the layout is a ground-floor pool offering a relaxation area in dialogue with the sea. Large glass doors provide seamless indoor-outdoor connectivity, allowing the interiors to bask in natural light.

Practical Open Concept: Inside, our design prioritizes practicality and functionality. An open-concept living arrangement maximizes natural light, creating an atmosphere of spaciousness without extravagance. A neutral color palette and minimalist furnishings provide an inviting and down-to-earth atmosphere.

Sustainability: Sustainability is central to our design ethos. Passive solar design principles, energy-efficient features, and locally sourced materials converge to create an environmentally responsible dwelling. The garden boasts low-maintenance native plants, further exemplifying our commitment to environmental stewardship.


Olive Grove Entry: Upon entering the property by car, a symmetrical grid of mature olive trees creates a serene and picturesque approach. This olive grove pays homage to the region’s heritage and offers a soothing transition from the outside world.

Lush Patio Entry: The ground-floor entrance is a verdant oasis, enveloped by lush greenery. It offers a serene and natural entry point, inviting residents and guests into a world of understated luxury.

Simple Poolside Retreat: The ground-floor pool area is a sanctuary, featuring a modest sun deck and a shaded lounge. It offers an environment for relaxation and al fresco gatherings, ensuring an intimate connection with the outdoors.

Thoughtful Landscaping: Surrounding landscaping is a deliberate homage to nature, elegantly designed to complement the environment while requiring minimal upkeep.

Cozy Rooftop Nook: The rooftop terrace offers an intimate nook with seating, ideal for quiet contemplation and enjoying panoramic sea views without excess or opulence.