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5* Hotel & Suites 
Type: Luxury Resort
Location: Piperi Naoussa, Paros, Greece
Date: 2022-2023


Interior Design and Layout, Furniture Curation and Art Direction: Chadios Architects
Architecture: Tense Architecture Network
Structural Design: Manios Emmanouil_MV P.C.
Electromechanical Engineering: Athanasios Koutsikos_TEMEK S.A.
Landscape Design: Tsirintani Eleni
Acoustic Design: Tzekakis Emmanouil_ΜΜΤ S.A.
Lighting Design: LUUN
Graphic Design: Bob Studio
Owner: Grivalia Hospitality SA
Development, Project Management and Construction: Grivalia Hospitality SA
EPC Management construction of Room’s Interiors: Vector
Photography: Vangelis Paterakis

3 Gold Awards

Best Greek New Boutique Resort
Best Greek Pet-friendly Hotel
Best Greek Hotel Restaurant For Matsuhisa Paros


The central idea behind the architectural design of the interior spaces of Avant Mar Hotel in Paros was to connect the local Parian heritage with the style and elegance of nautical design in a contemporary manner.

Inspired by Parian architecture, the interior design incorporates formations with arches and recesses, cubic structures combined with geometric patterns, and irregular shapes. These elements are reinterpreted and reflected on a smaller scale in the interior design, seen in the curved custom-made furniture, fabrics, and relief horizontal and vertical surfaces.

The color palette extends from the natural landscape of Naoussa, blending shades of sea blue, the white of traditional Cycladic houses, and the golden-beige color of the island's sandy shores.

The reception area serves as a "refreshing" first stop dominated by natural elements such as planters and potted plants. The hotel's logo, the tamarisk tree, is embossed in white marble in the large arch at the back of the reception.

For the bedrooms, timeless white marble with gentle water formations was chosen as the main material. The flooring, used in both rooms and common areas of the hotel, presents a contemporary version of traditional island cobblestone, this time with irregular slabs of white marble and off-white joints.

The curtains in the rooms vertically reflect the color gradient of the sea, from the white of the waves to the dark blue of the depths. Fabrics follow the same tonalities, incorporating discreet patterns inspired by the natural landscape of the region.

Furniture and equipment were designed to integrate seamlessly with the hotel's architectural form, reintroducing the elements of curves and circles while avoiding the rigidity of straight lines. Natural materials such as solid oak and woven straw in earthy tones were predominantly chosen.

Decorative elements, such as handmade ceramics and tabletop lighting fixtures, create fluid, plastic forms complementing the hotel's understated aesthetic.

Avant Mar is home to the internationally renowned Matsuhisa Japanese restaurant, designed as a square within a lush garden next to Naoussa's shoreline. At the restaurant entrance, a three-dimensional relief wall guides the visitor into a space of intense gastronomic experiences. Mobile equipment follows simple lines with wooden frames of cylindrical sections, incorporating Japanese aesthetics into the overall image of the space.